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Monday, November 29, 2004

Religion and Nation Building

Guiding Principles
What are the key critical issues
Resources to do this
Time frames
Implied in all of this is the question: How does this contribute to nation building

Theme One:

Religion and Nation Building


2 What is needed to enable religion/s to plat a nation building role more effectively

3 What prevents religion/s from playing a nation-building role.


4. Can you share examples that are working from your won experience

5. What challenges is your religion/faith fonfronting since democracy.

6. What is needed to enable your religion to flourish in the new SA

7. What are the threats or challenges to your faith/religion in 2004

8. What are the hopes and vision of your faith/religion in relation to the state.

9. As a faith community how are you participating in public life?

Religious Broadcasting

10. What are your views on currenct religious broadcasting?

11. What recommendations who you like ot make about religious broadcasting

Religious Education at School

12. How are schools implementing religion education in your area.

13. What programmes is your religion/ faith community providing for young people?

14. What are the gaps/challenges facing your faith community in working with your faith communities in working with young people.

15. What awareness raising programmes are taking place in your schoold and communities.

Religious Practices

16. With the guidelines provided by the Constitution are you/ is your faith community able to express its religious practices?

17. What religious practices have caused concern in your area/province?

18. Are people of different backgrounds being provided with opportunities to be exposed to different faiths in your province?

19. What interfaith activities are happening/taking place in your province?

20. What has been the impact of South Africa’s transition on your faith community?

Religious holidays:

21. What programmes does your faith communities wish to bring any proposals in this regard to the attention of the Commission?

Theme Two
Culture and Nation Building

Theme Three
Language and Nation Building


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